【About Us】

Kyoto Spring Hotel, going through the ups and downs of Beitou hot springs era during Japanese Colonial Period, was built 30years ago.   When the night was cast, a bustling scene of weary travelers and beautiful kabuki passing by, motorcycles driving through, Nakasi intermingled with noise of drinking games drifting in the air showed up. Despite everything turns out to be a piece of memory, all that left behind is now a retreat away from the turmoil of the world. As it goes to an end of the age, Kyoto Spring Hotel unveils its new face to the world. 

New faces of Kyoto Spring Hotel
Kyoto Spring Hotel is surrounded by peaceful woods and accompanied by Beitou Old Taiwan Bank Dormitory, which always makes our guests wonder where in time and space. We built Kyoto Spring Hotel into a traditional Japanese style inn that we introduce typical Japanese ryokan details of a garden, bamboos and tourous to convey peaceful and simple accommodation concepts. 
The Zen style and hot springs are remixed together to inspire a new face of Kyoto Spring Hotel as a new place for those who are fond of hot springs.